“Chris Zane’s Reinventing the Wheel provides a step by step business success roadmap for readers that will educate both the neophyte and the seasoned entrepreneur. [Zane’s] combination of simple talk and sensible explanation, combined with true-life stories, makes his first book a simple read. I will keep Chris’s Reinventing the Wheel on my desktop for my personal reference and to lend out to our company’s future brand builders.”

—Jim Issler, President and CEO of H.H. Brown (a Berkshire Hathaway company)

“Chris Zane, a hands-on entrepreneur, brings novel next practices to life and also demonstrates how to execute practices that others have only talked or written about. More than a case study, this book is a must-read for entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, and others wanting to grow their business through non conventional and truly innovative investments in customers.”

—Stephen Brown, PhD, Professor and Executive Director, Center for Services Leadership, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

“Reinventing the Wheel tells a story of linking extraordinary service to value for the customers, the Zane’s employees, the communities it touches, and ultimately the culture and success of his business. It is hard to read the account of Zane’s service journey without stimulating ideas for my business and my life.”

—Chris Melocik, Senior Vice President, Integration & Process Improvement, Republic Services, Inc.

“Reinventing the Wheel is an inspirational story of how to look beyond the horizon of instant rewards in order to plant the seeds of deep brand loyalty and customer lifetime relationships.

—Kim Gravell, VP, Innovation & Strategy Management, Cardinal Health Supply Solutions

“Zane’s relentless pursuit of building life-long customers by reinventing the wheel is truly inspiring. Watch out bike dealers of America—Zane’s may be coming to your town next!”

—Robert Zollars, Chairman & CEO, Vocera Communications, Inc.

“Blend an unrivaled entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for delivering quality service, a highly creative mind, and a big dose of ‘street smarts,’ and what you get is Chris Zane. Reinventing the Wheel is a marvelous book that will teach you and inspire you.”

—Leonard Berry, marketing professor and author of Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic

“Chris Zane’s bold—and practical—approach to cultivating lifetime customers holds valuable lessons for businesses large and small. Through a series of engaging stories, Chris shares his recipe for experiences that offer more than what customers expect. And he shows us how to build deep emotional bonds, even in the face of material price premiums. A fascinating read and an excellent testament to the power of customer centricity and unconditional service guarantees!”

—Julie Moll, SVP, Global Brand Strategy and Research, Marriott International

“The first time I heard Chris Zane speak about customer service and creating lifetime customers, it changed my thinking forever. Get ready for a similar experience as you read this book.”

—Steve Church, Senior Vice President, Chief Business Development and Process Officer, Avnet, Inc.

“Reinventing the Wheel is a must and easy read…from a genuine real-life, world-class entrepreneur…who ‘hugs’ and embraces each customer and turns each one into a client for LIFE! … Chris openly shares all his secrets of success— love his stories…a gem in every one of them. Anyone who believes that customer service is central to their business culture needs to read this book!”

—Jack Mitchell, President, Mitchells/Richards/Marsh and author of Hug Your Customers

“Chris Zane’s Reinventing the Wheel provides insights, proven practices, and anecdotal customer experience vignettes that demonstrate success by having a relentless focus on the ‘Lifetime Value of the Customer.’ With an ever-increasing competitive market, where products and services are easily commoditized, Chris offers pragmatic approaches to consistently providing the best customer service experience resulting in improved loyalty and brand recognition.”

—Joe M. Shaheen, Director-General Manager, The Boeing Service Company